Thank you to all Run for the Buns participants!

It was a huge success!


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Rescued Rabbit Dani Needs Your Help to Pay for her Surgery!

Dani recovering

Read her story on our donation page on Razoo.

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2016 Calendar in Production!

Cafe Press is now stocking awesomely cute HRS bunnies on things you need and use! Proceeds benefit Sacramento area rabbits.


New Year
Small Pet Select
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Small Pet Select is giving away a free Bunny Wrap ring whenever you refer a new person. Any person that orders and uses the coupon code SACHRSRING will get free shipping and a Free Bunny Wrap Ring on their first order, and Small Pet Select will also donate 10% of every sale to SHRS.

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Use Coupon Code at checkout:

After their first purchase, customers can continue earning donations for SHRS by using the coupon code SACHRS. Please Note: This coupon code has unlimited uses. The same person can use it again and again every time they purchase hay or pellets from Small Pet Select, so it becomes a recurring revenue for the rescue. The coupon code will give them Free Shipping on the purchase, plus 10% of every sale will be donated to your rescue every single time it is used.

Small Pet Select goal as a company is to raise $25,000 for rescues across the U.S. this year. We truly feel the more we help the people that care most for these animals the more we will succeed in our mission as a company, so please share them with your friends, on your website, on facebook, or any other means possible!


24 Hour Emergency Vets are listed on our Vet List page


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Easter & Bunnies Don't Mix

We remind everyone that rabbits are life-long companions deserving of as much care, consideration, and attention as a cat or a dog.

Please take a some time to think about the consequences of your purchase.

Welcome to the
Sacramento House Rabbit Society

We provide Adoption, Behavior, Care, and Educational information about your companion rabbit.

The House Rabbit Society is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to rescuing and finding loving homes for abandoned and unwanted rabbits. HRS is committed to educating people about the unique nature and proper care of these wonderful, intelligent companion animals. Find out more about the Sacramento House Rabbit Society.

HRS is 100% volunteer operated and all of our funds go to helping rabbits and educating people about how wonderful they are as house pets. Below is a chart of our expenditures for 2015 (rounding gives an amount greater than 100%). Your generous, tax-deductable gift to our 501-3(c) will go a long way to saving rabbits in our area. Donate safely and securely through our Razoo portal with the button on the left. Thank you.

2015 Expenses


Our Next Adoption Day:

Saturday, June 11, 2016

10 am to 3 pm

Arden--1878 Arden Way, 95815, 916/923-1082


Volunteer help needed to produce our Newsletter

Journalism students! Writers! Editors! Contact us to lend your skills and experience to help coordinate an educational newsletter for a popular animal welfare organization. We have story ideas and a framework to work from but we are short handed and could use some help in keeping our publication schedule. Write to for more info.

Animal News!

posted february 12, 2014

Frontline Kills Rabbits!

NEVER use Frontline if your rabbit has fleas. Frontline's FAQ page says this!

See our Flea page for help with fleas on rabbits.

posted January 16, 2012

Effective January 1, 2012, SB 917 prohibits the sale, display or offer for sale or give away as part of a transaction, a live animal on any street, public right-of-way, parking lot, carnival, or boardwalk. SB 917 prevents animal suffering, safeguard the public, and reduce pressure on animal shelters and local governments. Text of the bill here.

Rabbits or other animals should not be sold at flea markets or by people on the street trying to sell off litters from their animals..


The Short List: Are Rabbits Right for You?

  1. Rabbits are wonderful & adorable pets, but very different from dogs or cats. A rabbit may not fit everybody's situation. They have different behavior & care needs. Learn about the basic differences.
  2. Read our 9 Rabbit Myths poster. Our handy Shelter Poster highlights the main points to consider a rabbit as a housepet.
  3. A pet rabbit should not live outside. You will be able to enjoy & care for them better when they are inside with you. Consider these reasons.
  4. Rabbits are cute & cuddly. Are you primarily interested in getting a bunny for your child? Find out if a rabbit is good pet for your child.
  5. Rabbits are better suited to certain adults & households. See if you are a match.
  6. Rabbits are not "starter pets". They deserve as much care & attention as a dog or cat that you would keep forever. Carefully consider your commitment to keeping a rabbit. Read our Easter Bunny Poem.
  7. Although rabbits do not need vaccinations like cats & dogs, they have their own medical concerns due to their unique physiology.
  8. Observe house rabbits in their natural habitat on our video page.
  9. Hop to our library of fliers to learn the essentials of rabbit care & behavior.

Are You Looking to Find a New Home for Your Rabbit?

Unfortunately, the Sacramento House Rabbit Society cannot take in rabbits from private homes. This is because our first responsibility is to the rabbits at the local shelters -- they are truly "eleventh hour" rabbits and for them, the SHRS foster program may be the last chance. If you have found a rabbit, or if you wish to find another home for your own rabbit, take a look at our flyer Finding a Home for an Unwanted Rabbit. This will give you ideas for things you can do to find a loving home for your bunny.

Abandoning any animal is a misdemeanor under the California penal code section 597S.

If you cannot keep your rabbit, never turn them loose or abandon them. Pet rabbits are totally domesticated and depend on humans for shelter and protection. Do the humane thing and surrender your rabbit to an animal shelter. See our poster "Food; not Free"

Wanted: a Few Good Foster Homes

Do you have a little room - and a little love - to share? More...

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